2016 Art.Poetry.Yoga TOUR

June 27, 2016

We out here!


              Not sure how long we napped though?

Feeling rested and inspired!

Since June 5th our journey has  taken us to unexpected places throughout the country. Funds may be low, but our FUN is not!

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Some highlights: Almond butter and toast are Anna’s new staple food and sketching everyday has become a priority. Along with toast, we joined Cantine’s Island Community  for a juggle, a painting, and a potluck in Saugerties, NY.  By the time we hit Philly, Ella Milkwren (Sarah Milkwoski Dalgren) and Zakariah Bigelow had joined the squad and we made our way south to Richmond, VA.

While we were in town I taught 3 yoga classes, 2 at rehabilitation centers,  and 1 at Brewer’s Cafe. House show after house show, we were hosted by The B+B, home of Maya Walters, a talented musician, and by The Bainbridge Collective, an eclectic artist collective that hosts touring musicians, and is run by a sweet woman named Bentley. She is a loving mother, a full-time nanny, and gives the rest of her seemingly endless energy to running her ship and caring for those she invites into her home. They both showed us serious love and hospitality and we have so much appreciation for their kindness. Mother Moses, Drones, PT Burnem, and Georgie Isaacs were some top notch performers and busking in Carytown was a blast! Our travels brought us to rivers where we could swim naked, to circus class where we learned acrobatics on silks, to the Foundation skatepark where graffiti covered the land, and to a contra dance  where faces smiled and bodies twirled with joy in Asheville, NC.

13475019_10209967702852013_6874042903108458753_oRaleigh, NC was where we said goodbye to our friends Sarah and Zak as they headed off on their own adventures. The City Soul Cafe community in Raleigh, NC  was a supportive and welcoming place to listen and share poetry.

Twelve hour bus rides further down south led us to gas station restrooms, bags of chips, neck pain, and solitude. We explored acro yoga on the sidewalk in Atlanta, GA and India House Hostel was a special safe haven for us once we reached New orleans, LA. A loving open hearted home in Austin, TX hosted a tea party pajama themed house show for us, which ended with a snuggle pile.

House show at Bainbridge Collective Richmond, VA
“Welches In The Sky” wheat paste by Anna Welch at Foundation skatepark in Asheville, NC

Random events:  

  • Anna’s  phone was stolen
  • and she got the flu.
  • Lilly the dog and Anna’s grandpa died
  • and she lost her driver’s license in a tornado.
  • Anna also saw her first blood splatter on the streets of New Orleans!
  • Bishop( a man released from prison) emptied Myles’ pockets.
  • We held a chicken and a hedgehog
  • We were denied entry to a public library because our backpacks were fat.
  • and EVERYONE got the shits!


To be continued ~*~

Goddesses and dragons


13502550_10209967721692484_6384782748355907117_o Sticker mirror at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA

                                                                  Devils Bathtub in Duffield, VA




Art.Poetry.Yoga Tour: Adventures of Anna & Myles


  • Portland, ME
  • 6/3- First Friday Artwalk: Congress St. 5-8pm
  • 6/4- B.Good Restaurant: Exchange St. 7-9pm
  • New York, NY
  • 6/7- Yoga at Hope House
  • 6/7- Yoga at Thinking for a change
  • Richmond, VA
  • 6/11- Slam Richmond Youth: 0 E. 4th Street 8:30-10pm
  • 6/12- Yoga at Rubicon Rehab
  • 6/14- Bainbridge Collective Show: 1300 Bainbridge 8-11pm
  • 6/16- B&B house show- 1117 W Leigh St 9pm-12am
  • Asheville, NC
  • united-states-map-outline_135098Raleigh, NC 
  •  6/22- City Soul Cafe
  • Atlanta, GA
  • New Orleans, LA
  • – India House Hostel
  • Austin, TX
  • 6/26- House Show 8-10pm
  • 6/28 Poetry Slam- Spiderhouse 8-10pm


  • Pinos Altos, NM
  • Sun City West, AZ
  • Long Beach, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • 7/5- Fixed Freedom 8-10pm12045649_10206626201228010_2785314668220564574_o
  • Nevada City, CA
  • 7/7-7/12- Full Circle Garden Solutions
  • Tahoe, CA
  • 7/15- 7-17- Wanderlust Festival
  • Ashland, OR
  • Seattle, WA
  • 7/22- 7/24-Cascadia festival


         Anna Welch & Myles Bullen are out on a quest seeking

                     communities to bring their creativity to!

                  What are they up to??               

* Collaborative Art Making*Teaching Yoga*Painting Murals*Performing Spoken Word Poetry*getting their hands dirty Farming*  and bringing Playful Spirit to your Community!!

How can you support Anna & Myles as they travel around the world doing what they love?


Anna Welch will be creating Art in every city that they visit on tour, at the end of the day she will post a picture of the piece of art and auction it off via facebook Anna has a vast variety of art available here

Myles Bullen will be promoting his new album “Every flower in the meadow belongsas well as performing, teaching writing workshops, creating poetry books, and teaching yoga in addiction recovery centers

If you want a piece of “The Adventures of Anna & Myles” Buy Some Art! Download an Album! Subscribe to “Give Some Love” Make a request for a custom Poem and Painting! We would love to hear from you!

subscribe to Myles Bullen’s campaign and support through: Give Some Love

Find us on facebook:

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Payment can be made via Paypal, facebook, email or direct deposit

message us with any questions about how you can support our wild adventure!

Contact: mylesthebullen@gmail.com



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