“Myles Bullen is first considered as a school presenter to entertain or speak to a student community because he is a talented writer, composer and musician, but at his recent performance at Hebron Academy, it was his ability to relate to students that exceeded expectations and inspired students to listen and engage. Myles’ melodies and beats are current and interesting. They draw you in. And, his words are real. His songs and beat poetry include themes of truth, loss, addiction and kindness. His performance at Hebron was authentic and had meaning. If you are looking to awaken your students to memorable art and honest communication, Myles Bullen’s performance will do it.”

– Julie Middleton

Administrator, Hebron Academy



“It took Myles less than 20 minutes to build rapport with the students on the first day, and by the end of that session, they were all writing. See, Myles can freestyle – really, really well. And when he started freestyling about the students, all of the tension in the room melted away, and suddenly everyone was around him giving high-fives and asking him questions. But Myles isn’t just someone who builds rapport; he also gets great work from students, and takes himself seriously as a professional. He’s not the kind of person who is pretending to be something he’s not just to get students to like him. And that’s why I can’t recommend Myles highly enough for residencies with incarcerated youth.

-Nick Schuller, Program Director of The Telling Room





Telling Room


I can confidently say that Myles stands out as one of the brightest, most authentic, and uniquely creative artists I have ever worked with.”

“I was impressed by Myles’ ability to be flexible and persistent through individual and group hurdles as well through logistical challenges during our camp. Myles’ skills of writing and performance, his dedication to group process and group work, and his commitment and ability to seeing the power in everyone’s voice, makes him a standout group facilitator and artist.”

“He was noticed by all, adults and youth alike, as someone who has taken his personal experiences and used art as a tool for transformation.”

-Margot Fine, LCSW, Co-Director


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