Challenge Your Edge

Awaking to a feeling of “this is good enough”

Appreciating the warmth of cozy snuggled bed

Escape the comfort of rest

To move towards a “get up and go” mindset


I am deep in the process of pushing myself to do

The things that seem impossible to do

Things that scare me of the truth

Naked and bare, barely able to


Accept the opportunity

Temporary moments move the fastest

Connecting to it fluidly to find my edge

Do not lose traction

Writing in Rhythm

Before attempting to express a feeling or idea

I meditate on where I am, what I’m saying, and why care?

If speaking is only heard through silent minds

Then how will I gain the courage to silence mine?


Metaphors older than Dinosaurs remind me to be in the Now

A fictitious foundation of forgetfulness weighs me down

Analysis Paralysis, stop thinking, start feeling

Avoid distractions start attracting heart healing