Dorit keyside


A DORIT is a wooden bass box drum with melodic metal strips attached. The combination of the Cajon and the Marimbula.

a Cajon is a wooden box drum with sound holes cut out of the center of it to allow the sound to resonate. Some Cajons have a metal wire inside of them, that creates a sharp snap, similar to  snare drum.

A Marimbula is another instrument containing metal keys.  These metal strips are tuned to different pitches, and are plucked to produce music. The marímbula is apart of the lamellophone family of musical instruments. The marimbula provides  the bass, rhythm and harmony, and it can produce simple melodies as well.

what makes a DORIT so unique is that is combines these two tribal instruments into one rhythmic, melodic synthesis. A DORIT reinvents percussion instruments, touching back and honoring it’s rhythmic roots, and reaching forward toward an evolved world of music.

This bass box is a great new addition to any musician, instrument collector, or art enthusiast.

Hand-crafted in Portland, ME




The most important part of building these instruments is the music. We believe that playing an instrument has a tremendous healing effect on people, and can inspire health and well being. The act of playing is essential and instruments motivate us to embrace our inner rhythm and deepen our connections with people.

Each drum is built with a playful intention of spreading joy and creativity with all who encounter it. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share such an inspiration with our local community and look forward to connecting with the world of musicians everywhere!

Instruments have been used as communication, meditation, stress relief, and playful exercise.

This is a multi-faceted instrument that can be played intricately, and simply.

inventors Chris Mace and Myles Bullen

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