Written by Myles Bullen/ Produced by Laughing Animal/Video by Alexa Ward



It’s A Process

Fixed attention to turn illness into illumination
No longer racing to my grave, facing death with patients
How can you be defined?
How do you move through life?
How do you see through your sight?
How do you think through your mind?

Make moves & move with the tides
Speak truth & lose all the lies
Put your guard down
You will then rise

Find your heart pound, don’t let your heart down
Let your chest open up, speak up, be here, be now, be loud
Tell the universe your intelligence is important to the whole inner world
Give love, it’s an intercourse
Loving yourself from the inner first

Now round together like a flock of birds
Sounding better than you’ve ever heard

Whatever it is that your searching for
Keep circling the surface find some people that you trust
Show affection, support what you need to see in this world
And work hard at being good at what you love

Coming to grips with letting go
Of a past of bad habits attached
Judgments are fractured
A manic about to spaz

I’m sick of constipated humans
People who don’t give a shit
I say accept all, even me for being a hypocrite
I’m working at none judgment, minding my own business
But still it’s a process, and you all are the witness

Psychedelic kaleidoscopic
Panoramic oval optics
Seeing all that all can offer
Being air and bearing water
Treading onwards

Visions opened altered options
Loneliness will leave the body
Mixed emotions heal the toxic
Alchemy is always awkward

Reach a point and the get across it

Most obligations are overrated
Most temptations are worth attempting
Too few cities grow food, they don’t grow food
Too few schools teach love, the don’t teach love

All the world sees the sun and the moon
But too few know the meaning of most that happens in every moment

It’s a process, still it’s a process
Still I’m unconscious
Still have empty pockets
Stillness is all I wanted and I got it

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