Live Your Joy, Optimize Cosmic Energy

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“Follow your bliss, and doors will open where there were no doors before”

–Joseph Campbell

There is incredible waste of energy in our world today. 13%-20% is how much potential energy is utilized in most industrial societies. 80-90% of the energy is lost through extraction of resources, refinement, transportation, distribution, and use. And energy wasted by crude industrial era fossil fuel infrastructures is mirrored by the waste of potential human energy. Only 13% of people are engaged and fulfilled by their life’s creative activity that we refer to as “work”, according to a 2013 worldwide Gallup study. This suggests a huge waste in human creativity and potential.

Most people are resigned to the belief that not everyone gets to follow their passions in life. Only the lucky few creatives and highly educated elites can do that while the rest of us must submit to some form of drudgery. You…

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